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Course Overview

About The Project Management PMP

PMP certification can strengthen a resume and may result in the distinction between obtaining a job like a project manager and being ignored in support of another person (likely somebody that is PMP certified). In addition to this, many employers require PMP certification of the project managers, and won’t hire non-certified project managers. Getting the credential will make it simpler to locate a job as a project or a program director.

PMI-PMP Eligibility Requirement
PMP Certification proves you have project management and live working experience. It is because PMP certification ensures that you possess the quality to achieve some experience in leading organizations and directing projects does not fail. 60 months (7,500 hrs) of expertise for those who have an associate’s degree and 36 weeks (4,500 hrs) of expertise for those who have a bachelor’s degree is a must. PMI (the Project Management Institute) comes with an audit tactic to help make sure that potential PMPs are now being truthful regarding their project history (though admittedly it’s not a watertight process).

How will PMI-PMP  certification help you?
Getting PMP certification can score a greater salary when compared with individual project managers who aren’t certified. PMPs make $6,000 to 10,000 USD each year higher than non-PMPs others will boast that PMPs make 10-15% more income than individuals who aren’t certified. Based on the 2010 PMI Salary Survey PMP-certified project managers in six major countries reported a $10,000 USD salary edge on non-PMP-certified project managers. As being a PMP links you to the many other PMPs on the planet. PMI stages many PMI conferences in many major metropolitan centers, where PMI people (many, but not every one of them PMPs) meet up to network and discover about project management software theory.

About ProICT

Who are we? ProICT LLC, is a registered online training provider found and led by the group of IT working professionals and experts. Our trainers are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable but also current IT working Professionals leading IT companies in USA, UK, Canada and other countries. We are ready to share our knowledge and years  of working experience with other professionals to assist and guide them  get ahead in career.

What is Project Management PMP?

Project Management Professional (PMP®) is a qualification or program which is supervised by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In this computer and knowledge technology (IT) industry, the word project management describes a systematic method of software development through defined stages known as initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing.

The procedure for being a certified Project Management Software Professional involves an overview of prior education and experience adopted with a written examination. Holders of the certification could use the designation “PMP” after their names in professional correspondence and publication. Each owner of the certification must follow a formal code of ethics and accumulate a particular minimum quantity of relevant experience during a period of 3 years, beginning The month of January one after effectively finishing the examination process.

Project Management Professional may be the second of three formal credentials administered through the PMI. The very first or fundamental level is Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®), which qualifies the holder for work in a team. The 3rd or highest level is Program Management Professional (PgMP®), which certifies the holder is qualified to function as the leader of the team.

Challenges in Project Management PMP:

Project Goals that are not clear – When goals aren’t clearly identified, the entire project and team can suffer. When upper management cannot accept or support unclear goals, the work under consideration typically has little possibility of succeeding. Here comes the role of the of manager to bring the best, enquire and establish the communication with clearly set goals.

Changes in scope of work – Also referred to as scope creep, this happens when project management software enables the project’s scope to increase beyond its original objectives. With the requested changes asked by client project manager to judge whether each solution applies correctly or not and choose how and when to use it while communicating the results on budget and deadlines to any or all stakeholders.

How to use a team to its best productivity is the biggest challenge for the manager.

Insufficient skill and inefficient workers management – A task sometimes requires skills the project’s contributors don’t possess. Project management software training might help a mission leader determine the appropriate competencies, measure the available workers and recommend training, outsourcing or hire additional staff.

Insufficient Accountability – A task manager’s leadership characteristics can shine when each person in they takes responsibility for a role in achieving project success. On the other hand, deficiencies in accountability may bring a task to some complete halt. Finger-pointing and staying away from blame are unproductive, but all-too-common options that come with problematic project management software. Understanding how to direct teams toward a common goal is a vital facet of project management software training.

Challenges for the Project Management Software: Coping With Risk

Improper Risk Management – Learning to deal with and arrange for risk is yet another significant bit of project management software training. How much tolerance is shown to the risks is usually an important factor. And project manager organizes and manages the same correctly. Gathering input, creating trust and knowing which areas of a task are likely to veer off target are facets of the work manager’s job.

Ambiguous Contingency Plans – It is important for project managers to be aware what direction to take pre-defined “what-if” scenarios. If contingencies aren’t identified, the whole project may become mired within an unpredicted group of problems. Asking others to recognize potential trouble spots can result in a smooth and efficient project.

Project Management Software and Communication Challenges

Poor Communication – Project managers provide direction for all the project, so each team leader knows what’s expected. Effective communication to everybody active in the project is vital to the efficient completion. The software training includes a focus on written and working communication skills. Proper communication might help to increase morale by creating distinct expectations. Good project managers keep communication and feedback flowing between upper management and team leaders.

Managing Expectations: An Essential Project Manager Attribute

Impossible Deadlines – An active project manager recognizes that frequently asking a group for that impossible can rapidly lead to declining morale and productivity. The chances of efficiently finishing a task under not reasonable deadlines commonly are not achievable expectations.

Resource Deprivation – For a project to become run wisely, management must provide sufficient sources. Project management software training shows how you can define needs and acquire approval in advance, helping project managers assign and prioritize sources through the period of a task.

Insufficient Stakeholder Engagement – A disinterested team member, client, Chief executive officer or vendor can destroy work. An experienced project manager communicates freely and encourages feedback at each key to create greater engagement among participants.

Who should enroll for this course?

  1.  Anyone who has an interest in Project Management Framework or PMI-PMP Certification.
  2. Project Manager, Developers, Directors, Testers, Business Analyst, HR professionals.
  3. People who are responsible for small to big project deliveries.
  4. If you are leading and managing different teams and looks for high productivity.
  5. If you expect a high-end job with high salary PMP is for you.
  6. Manager and management who are not getting their expected results and need help with meeting client’s deadlines.


There’s no pre-requisite to enroll for this course by ProICT. Anyone who has interest to learn about Project Management may enroll for this course. However, there are some strict eligibility requirements to sit for the exam set by PMI-PMP:

Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)

7,500 hours leading and directing projects

35 hours of project management education


Four-year degree

4,500 hours leading and directing projects

35 hours of project management education



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