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Six sigma green belt certification

Six sigma green belt certification

Course Overview

Six Sigma Green Belt course focuses on providing students with an understanding of the various Six Sigma tools and techniques useful to improve the production process and minimize defects in the end product with a greater focus on the practical implementation of these tool and techniques in the organization

Why you should do this course?

To gain skills that will make you as asset to the organization



Course Outline

Introduction to Six Sigma


•History of Quality (Deming, Juran, JIT, Ishikawa, Taguchi, etc.)

•Evolution of Six Sigma

•Defining Six Sigma – philosophy and objectives

•Overview of Six Sigma DMAIC process


Stakeholders & Setting up a Six Sigma Project


•Identifying and Documenting stakeholder requirements

•Project Selection Criteria

•Project Planning

•Managing Team Dynamics

•Important project management & planning tools


Six Sigma Methodology – Define


•Inputs – Need for six sigma project, Executive management sponsorship, core team identified


  • Organization hierarchy
  • High level process maps
  • High level Pareto charts
  • Idea generation and categorization tools


  • Project charter
  • Established metrics
  • Problem statement
  • Roles & responsibilities


Six Sigma Methodology – Measure


•Objectives of Measure Phase

•Inputs – the outputs of the Define phase


  • Data collection tools and techniques
  • Measurement scales
  • Validation techniques (Gauge R & R)
  • Statistical distributions
  • Data mining
  • Run charts
  • Process map
  • Stakeholder tools
  • Process costs


  • Well defined processes
  • Baseline process capability
  • Process parameters affecting CTQs
  • Cost of poor quality (COPQ)
  • Measurement system


Six Sigma Methodology – Analyze


•Objectives of Analyze Phase

•Inputs – outputs of the Measure phase


  • Ishikawa diagram
  • Failure mode and effects analysis
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Process capability study


  • Important causes of defects
  • Special and common causes of variation
  • DPMO and sigma level


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