Appium mobile testing

Appium mobile testing

About The Course

Mobile Application Testing training is an online virtual  live comprehensive training . It is an on-demand training which provides depth knowledge and helps build skills about Automation Testing process utilizing appium. This course is designed for an individual who has no knowledge and experience in mobile application testing  to professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and build skills. Our trainers are highly experienced and skillful who have been working in IT industry and providing training as successful trainers for years.

About ProICT

Who are we? ProICT LLC, is a registered online training provider found and led by the group of IT working professionals and experts. Our trainers are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable but also current IT working Professionals leading IT companies in USA, UK, Canada and other countries. We are ready to share our knowledge and years  of working experience with other professionals to assist and guide them  get ahead in career.

Mobile Testing?

Testing mobile applications is more complex and time-consuming comparing to desktop or web applications. Mobile application testing is a process by which it is tested that whether the application is working fine on the handsets. It is used to check the functioning, usability and consistency of the particular application.

Mobile application testing can be performed through manual and automation testing. Some applications are already installed  and others are installed through various processes. This has shown a stipulated growth in the last few years.

Testers test the applications through various technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, Sensors or Wi-Fi. In addition, field testing, user interface, hardware, and software  should be tested as well.

Challenges in Mobile Application Testing:

  • The applications should be downloadable on different platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian, Window Phone because every platform has its own unique features and limitations.
  • Today there are so many mobile devices are launched every day so it is a challenge to test applications on every device sometimes may be because of unavailability of the device.
  • There are numbers of networks available today and each network uses a different kind of network infrastructure.
  • It is important to check the compatibility of the application with the handset because some applications work at a high resolution only.
  • It is important to check whether the user is able to pick up the call while using certain application.

Types of Mobile Application Testing

  • Functional Testing – This testing ensures that the application is working smoothly on the handset without interrupting other applications on the handset.
  • Performance Testing – This test is undertaken to check the performance of the application under certain conditions like bad network or battery low etc.
  • Interrupt Testing – This test is performed to check the performance of the application during various interruptions like at the time of incoming call or messages.
  • Installation Testing – This is done to check whether the application is easy to install, upgrade and uninstall.
  • Security Testing – This test is performed to check whether the mobile application is meeting certain security standards.
  • Outdated Software Testing – There are many users who do not regularly update their operating system and even some people do not have access to the latest versions. Professional testers can check the outdated software.
  • Load Testing – When at a time many users try to download an application or use it simultaneously then it can result in crash and many users have to abandon their application. In this case, manual testing is the effective way.

Who should enroll for this course? 

  1.  QA Manual Tester
  2. Project Manager
  3. Developer
  4. Automation Tester
  5. Anyone who has interested in mobile application testing.

Anyone can enroll for this course, however,  knowledge on manual testing, SDLC, STLC, Test Plan, Test Case and Defect Lifecycle will be a plus.

Mobile Automation using Appium Tool

1. Introduction to Appium

  • What is Appium
  • Features of Appium
  • Appium vs Other Mobile Automation Tools
  • Appium architecture

2. Appium – pros and cons

3. Installation of Appium and Related softwares

  • Download And Install Softwares required for Automation Android Applications
  • Download And Install Sofwares required for Automation iOS Applications

4. Creating emulators and simulators

5. Understanding the The Appium GUI

  • The Appium GUI for Windows
  • The Appium GUI for Mac

6. Locators

7. Finding Elements with Different Locators

  • Finding elements for Web Applications
  • Chrome ADB Plugin for Android Web applications
  • Safari Develop option for iOS Web
  • Finding the elements for Native Applications
  • UIAutomator Viewer for Android Native Applications
  • Appium Inspector for iOS Native Applications
  • Finding elements for native and hybrid apps

8. Running Automation Scripts

  • Important initial points
  • Necessary desired capabilities for Android and initiating the Android driver
  • Necessary desired capabilities for iOS and initiating the iOS driver
  • Automating native apps
  • Working with web-apps
  • Hybrid apps’ automation
  • Android hybrid apps
  • iOS hybrid apps
  • Summary

9. Running Automation Scripts on Real Devices

  • Important initial points
  • Mobile Automation using Appium Tool
  • Desired capabilities for Android and initiating the Android driver
  • Installing provisional profile, SafariLauncher, and ios-webkit-debug-proxy
  • Desired capabilities for iOS and initiating theiOS driver
  • Automating native apps
  • Working with web apps
  • Automating hybrid apps
  • Android hybrid apps
  • iOS hybrid apps
  • Summary

10. Advanced User Interactions

  • Exploring advanced user interactions
  • Long press
  • Scroll and swipe
  • Drag and drop
  • Pinch and zoom
  • Alerts
  • Spinners
  • The switch button
  • The slide SeekBar
  • Capturing screenshots
  • Capturing screenshots on test failure

11. Develop Hybrid Framework

  • Data Driven Concepts (Working with Excels)
  • Object Repository Concept
  • Test Execution
  • Test Report Generation
  • Continuous Integration

12. TestNG

13. Hudson/Jenkins

14. Maven

15. Live Project Demo with the Framework Created

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