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Course Overview

Digital Marketing Course

ProICT Training brings to you one of the finest digital marketing course for you. With live tutor based training, Live practical sessions and use of case studies to understand different aspects of it. Online distributions techniques to promote products are called internet marketing. This method is both times saving and cost effective. Internet marketing is completed through many products, for example, mobile phones, SMS, MMS, IM, websites, emails, banner advertisement and digital billboards.

Internet marketing involves a few of the techniques of direct marketing and online marketing. In internet marketing, conventional methods of promotions are performed digitally. It calls for marketing in 2 forms, pull, and push.

Pull internet marketing necessitates the user to drag or extract the information directly. The client needs to approach the marketing matter and find out the problem by themselves. Examples are websites, forums, and weblogs. Each one of these requires hitting a URL to be able to see the content. The information that’s being displayed does not have to follow any guidelines. Efforts are needed only to view the information online or forum, and there’s no additional price of delivering the data towards the customer. However, the client has to help make the extra effort of reaching towards the content. The client does not have to opt for such type of promotion, and the message that has been viewed by users which can’t be personalized. The shoppers who begin to see the content can be tracked, even though the mediums can’t be seen which are providing information regarding the amount of clicks the content received. This is being carried out by enabling many features inside a website. Though tracking throughout the campaign might not be necessary, but in most of the cases, it’s used to record the data.

Digital Marketing technologies necessitate the need of both marketer and also the customer. The marketer needs to sell or sends the information towards the client and also the customer has to help make the effort of receiving it a trained candidate works a bridge between it. This can be an extremely effective type of marketing and also the investments inevitably earn a significant return because it creates brand recognition. SMS, MMS, emails, RSS podcasting are types of push internet marketing. Because the content submissions are delivered through individuals and blogs, it may be personalized based on the intended recipient. Information associated with the client for example name, the physical location might also be tracked and used for direct and remarketing purposes.

However, when delivering this kind of the message, certain criteria ought to be met because the SMS and emails sent are well monitored. There are many norms marketing and if you doesn’t stick to the rules and standards correctly; there’s possible of email messages getting rejected and blocked before they achieve the targeted audience and also fall in a world of junk email addresses. Bigger effects involve marketers getting blacklisted temporarily or perhaps permanently. But these are part of the game, and we train our students how to avoid the risks and earn profit from the vast scope of digital marketing. As payment gateways could also block the payment amount, we need to learn the hidden dangers of online marketing. Messages delivered to the RSS feeders need a mechanism by having an application so an e-mail marketing system can send these updates.


Both types of internet marketing ought to be utilized in consonance to attain success. A good marketer transmits out emails together with SMS and uses multiple channels to promote his products. The kind of messages being sent ought to be the same as each other. They ought to not just be text, but animations, audios, and videos. There’s the possibility of utilizing different other technologies to increase the reach an advertisement. Which on clicking downloads information regarding the product and service that you are providing? Dedicated Email providers could be hired who transmits lots of emails towards the customers for the marketer plus they take measures to safeguard the same, so the messages aren’t regarded as junk e-mail.

Although a lot of the marketing is opt-in, federal laws and regulations, these happen to be passed to safeguard the shoppers from unscrupulous marketers.  And we will go in depth to teach you all aspects digital marketing in our online digital marketing course at ProICT.

Training Feature

Digital Marketing Curriculum Digital marketing’s effect
  1. What is digital marketing
  2. What is SEO and SMO
  3. Best Practices for writing your content with Killing Headlines
  4. How PPC impacts your digital marketing movements
  5. How people are earning money online
  6. What is internet marketing
  7. How digital marketing grew from SEO & SMO
Website Designing
  1. Build your website with wordpress ( I will write)
  2. Build your website with blogger ( I will write)
  3. Purchase a domain and start your site ( I will write)
  4. Build a ecommerce store( I will write)
  5. Source images for your website and social media ( I will write)
  6. Start Testing Your Current Website with website test tools.
Social Media
  1. How we can make the Most from Social Media
  2. What are the Social Media Marketing Softwares( I will write)
  3. How to optimize reach by paid ads in social media
  4. Facebook and Twitter Adsbrings a positive change, how to setup them?
  5. How to do the real work of Social Media Optimization?
SEO( Search Engine Optimization)
  1. What is Search Engine Optimization and how to achieve it?
  2. Defining Your Niche, Audience and Keywords
  3. SEO Analysis software’s and browser plugins ( I will write)
  4. Using Google Rich Snippets, how to Attract More Visitors using it?
  5. Increase website’s subscribers. What are the best methods for it?
  6. How to increase lead and plan for future growth?
  7. How your competitor is ranking higher than you, know and take action.
  8. What are the types of Backlink’s that violate Google’s Guidelines
  9. What are the differentiating point between Google, Yahoo and Bing regarding SEO
  10. How to do the real work of Search Engine Optimization?
 On Page SEO
  1. On Page SEO Guide, what should we do?
  2. On page Google ranking factors
  3. What you need to do for On Page SEO and how you will do it?
Off Page SEO
  1. Off page SEO Guide, what should we do?
  2. Off page Google ranking factors
  3. What you need to do for Off Page SEO and how you will do it?
SEO Software’s
  1. SEO Software’s used for on page and off page. A discussion.
  2. WEB CEO, A test of the software.
  3. Link Assistant, A test of the software.
  4. Why you should not use software’s to build link.
  5. How we can manage social media to our website via many software’s.
  6. Link Filtering and Site Optimization suggestion and planning, how and who can help?
  7. Keyword research to Planning the world of PPC undiscovered will be opened here.
 Content Marketing
  1. Why we need it and how it benefits a website.
  2. What are the best practices to write content?
  3. How to be a famous guest blogger and have tons of website access?
  4. Content driving the world crazy, why and how you can use it?
  5. How to drive traffic by world class content?
  6. How to build Plagiarism Free content for link building?
  7. What are the difference between a blog content to link building content?
Local SEO
  1. What is the need of local optimization and where we can do it?
  2. What is Trust flow and Citation Flow? How it affects ranking and how to increase it?
  3. What are the famous sites where you can have a local page and how? ( I will write)
  4. What are the tools we can use for local seo ( I will write)
  5. How to promote your local page by ppc?
  6. How to use schema, paid local listing and other secret techniques for local seo?
 Email Marketing
  1. Meet the most powerful digital marketing tool
  2. The Best Acquisition Channel System
  3. Clarify Your Email Marketing Goals&Analyse Your Data
  4. Create email content & Test your emails in different platforms
  5. Examples from leading companies with Email Marketing Resources
  6. Email A/B Test Made Simple
Video Marketing
  1. How to make interactive video that pulls crowd attention?
  2. What are the software’s used for video marketing?
  3. How you can voice over your video very easily?

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