About The Course

IOS training is an online virtual  live comprehensive training . It is an on-demand training which provides depth knowledge and helps build skills about progrmming process utilizing IOS. This course is designed for an individual who has no experience to professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and build skills. Our trainers are highly experienced and skillful who have been working in IT industry and providing training as successful trainers for years.

About ProICT

Who are we? ProICT LLC, is a registered online training provider found and led by the group of IT working professionals and experts. Our trainers are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable but also current IT working Professionals leading IT companies in USA, UK, Canada and other countries. We are ready to share our knowledge and years  of working experience with other professionals to assist and guide them  get ahead in career.

At PRO ICT Training, the goal to educate everybody how you can code and make an iOS application. Advanced tutorials which are the target for novices without possessing any coding experience bring a fresh air of knowledge. And developers with a few iOS programming experience can gain a lot of this course. Experienced faculty delivers tutorials listed here. Join us to start your development journey.

Nowadays iPhone has become famous because of its features. IPhone isn't any more to keep things interesting only. IPhone programmers are working towards business oriented iPhone applications. These applications should offer support running a business organization and processes. It has directed towards rising sought after of iPhone Database Integration. Many web design companies have moved their operation on the iPhone Application Development.

IPhone Course Summary:

Within this course, we'll learn how to create applications for Apple's iPhone using Objective-C and also the iPhone SDK. Since its introduction, the iPhone SDK continues to be revealed to become an efficient platform where you can build sophisticated applications. Without actually getting to possess an apple phone, students can develop and test their applications on Apple Macs while using freely available compiler and simulator. Additionally, towards the development tools, students will end up experienced in the item-oriented language Objective-C, the iPhone Frameworks, and also other related concepts of development. It can be a new, dynamic, constantly-evolving subject, and students are going to be in the lead role of a brand new technological advancement.

iOS Using more than 800 million users worldwide, iPhone came a long way. The necessity and interest in iPhone apps are rising developing a huge job chance for application developers around the world. If you want to create your mark and be an iOS developer you ought to get signed up for iPhone database integration classes for the in-depth idea, understanding, and expertise.

Learners go for broad knowledge of XML and native iPhone database integration from the expert iOS developer which helps the scholars to shape the long run as skilled iOS developers.

Yes, there's application for yours. Which, Mobile phone applications power many daily transactions across play and work - and also the interest in skilled creators has not been greater. Our iOS Development program trains you to code, design, and iteration skills you have to enter this competitive field.

Learn iOS in an immersive atmosphere, Study from the Experts.

We bring the course with instruction and mentorship from top iOS developers to fasten the thriving community of pros and peers.

Learn how to build real apps:

Create Application Store-ready products by gaining key industry understanding and specialized skills in Quick, Xcode, mobile design, and much more.

Get a job with the aid of our career coaches:

Our in-house career coaches provide sources and guidance ensure you are on track to have an exciting career in application creation.

Prerequisite to join the course:

Basic programming knowledge and knowledge of C is necessary and necessary.


Syllabus for iOS application development

1.  Basic knowledge of programming

  • Data types
  • Looping
  • If else block
  • Function
  • Structures and user define data types
  • Preprocessors

2.  Basic of Object Oriented programming

  • Class, Object, Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism

3. Intro to objective C

  • Architecture of iOS application
  • Intro to objective C, Xcode, SDK

4. Classes, Objects, Methods and Properties

  • id
  • null
  • @interface
  • @end
  • @implementation
  • Archiving
  • @property
  • @synthesizee
  • @dynamic
  • Data Types
  • control flow statement
  • More about Variables and Data Types
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

5. Collections

  • NSArray
  • Enumeration
  • NSMutableArray
  • NSDictionary
  • NSMutableDictionary
  • Scalar Data Types
  • NSObject
  • NSString
  • NSData
  • NSDate

6.  Categories and Protocols 

  • About Categories
  • @catagory
  • About Protocols
  • @protocol

7.  UIControls

  • Labels
  • IBOutlet
  • Buttons
  • IBAction
  • Event Handling
  • UIEvent
  • Toolbars
  • Toolbar items
  • Status bar
  • Navigation bar
  • Navigation bar items
  • Activity Indicator
  • Network Activity Indicator
  • Page Indicator
  • Progress View
  • Refresh Control
  • Scope Bar
  • Search Bar
  • Segmented Control
  • Slider
  • Stepper
  • Switch

8. Text Controls 

  • Text Field
  • Text Field Delegate
  • Text View
  • Text View Delegate

9. Basic of App Delegate, View Controllers and there life cycles

  • Application
  • Application Delegate and life cycle
  • View Controller and life cycle
  • Window & Views

10. Auto layout

  • Leading Space /Trailing Space / Top space / Bottom Space
  • Relative space to views
  • Center alignment

11. Navigation-Based Application 

  • Root View Controller
  • Navigation Controller
  • Navigation Bars
  • Navigation Items
  • Push/Pop Viewcontroller

12. Tab Bar Application 

  • Tab Bar Controllers
  • Tab Bars
  • First View Controller
  • Second View Controller
  • Third View Controller
  • Creating New Classes
  • Classes and Interface Builder

13. Table View 

  • Table View Controller
  • Table View
  • Table View Cells / Custom cell
  • Data Source
  • Table View Delegate

14. Alerting Views

  • Alert View
  • Alert View Delegate
  • Action Sheet
  • Action Sheet Delegate

15. Processes and Threads 

  • What is process and thread ?
  • NSThread
  • PerformInBackground
  • GCD (Grand Central Dispatch)
  • Synchronization 

16. Networking 

  • NSURLRequest
  • NSURLConnection

17. Working with SQLite 

  • What Is SQLite?
  • The SQLite Library
  • Building a Simple Database
  • Designing the Database
  • Creating the Database
  • Populating the Database

18. Location and Mapping 

  • About Core Location
  • Handling location updates
  • About Map Kit

19. Social Networks Integration 

  • Face book integration
  • Instagram integration

  • Mac machine with Yosemite operating System, with 4GB RAM and operating system can be of 32-bit or 64-bit. If you do not have a mac machine, we will assist you in renting a remote mac machine over the cloud, e.g. through OR You can use any other service provider as well for executing the practicals.
  • For your practical work, we will help you set-up Xcode IDE on your system. This will be a local access for you. The detailed step by step installation guides will be present in your LMS which will help you to install and set-up the environment. The support team will help you through the process.
  • Towards the end of the Course, you will be working on a live project where you will be using Swift language to design beautiful and efficient iOS Applications. 

  • Project Name : Development of E-commerce application. 

  • Industry : E-commerce 

  • Problem Statement : Creating E-commerce application for iOS platform which will allow user to browse available products and purchase them.

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