About ProICT Training

About Us

ProICT Training are one of the leading online courses and certification providers for IT and professional education courses. We offer over 100+ recognised online courses all with the same goal of providing quality education for all at reasonable prices. It has one of the highest course completion rates recorded in the USA. Our courses and certifications are highly sought after by professionals and students alike because they offer:

i. Leading certifications at exceptional rates
ii. Come with self-paced learning programs
iii. Have various tools and features which make learning a breeze

ProICT Training has successfully educated and trained over 750,000 busy professionals who upgraded their technical skills without compromising their work. Headquartered in the USA, with offices in India and the Philippines, our aim is to provide leading training and related services to students across the globe. ProICT Training's Courses and programs are flexible and customizable.

Professionals and students have over 100+ course options of the most popular Certification programs in the world to choose from.

Our Mission

To train professionals with industry relevant skills required to help them advance in their careers by simplifying complicated concepts through flexible, customizable online training programs.

Our Vision

To provide the widest range of best online training programs for professionals and students.