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ProICT Training offers AWS certified cloud Practitioner course to validate and enhance the AWS knowledge and skills of the candidates. The course is designed and developed with an objective to develop new AWS skills with hands-on training and experience so, they can make informed decisions about IT resources by identifying and analyzing the best practices suitable as per the organizational requirements. As Amazon cloud hosting is gaining popularity on the global platform, having a certified degree can surely add more perks in candidates resume making them eligible for new job opportunities.

The course is a combination of 4 different editions of the cloud practitioner which incorporate:

Under each heading, there are various subject concepts that will be covered through the lectures and training sessions.

Objectives of the Course

The basic objective of the AWS Cloud Practitioner course entails the following:

  • AWS cloud and its basic infrastructure
  • AWS cloud architecture principles
  • Basic security aspects that compliance with AWS cloud computing
  • Billing, accounting and different pricing models
  • AWS cloud value proposition
  • Deploying, implementing and operating applications on AWS cloud

What is the course duration?

The course would take around 13 hours to complete and is breakable in small hours to maintain the learning pace.

What are the prerequisites of the course?

In order to pursue this certification course students need to have:

  • At least six months of experience with AWS cloud.
  • Basic understanding of IT solutions and their use in AWS application and cloud.

What aspirants will learn?

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification course is designed to train and educate aspirants about;

  • Fundamental concepts of AWS cloud and infrastructure
  • Key principles of AWS
  • AWS cloud architectural principles
  • Tenet services of AWS cloud
  • Billing and account management process
  • Process of deploying, implementing and operating in AWS cloud

Who should pursue this course?

The course is intended for:

  • Business analyst
  • Professionals from marketing, sales, and legal team
  • C-level executives
  • Former AWS learners
  • Other IT based professionals

The course is also great for professionals like operational managers, system administrators and project managers who are looking forward to upgrading their technical AWS skills.


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