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One of the prime issues IT industry is facing today is the lack of trained aspirants who can run an effective IT team and next is a security breach. The introduction of the internet has not only transferred the power of technology to those who want to innovate but also to those who want to steal online. To overcome these issues, ProICT Training decided to offer AWS Security – Specialty certification course. The company has a team of dedicated AWS experts who worked day and night to design this course to educate young aspirants. Throughout this course, students will look through various real-scenarios to understand when, how and why online applications get hacked and what can be done to prevent this situation. They will also learn about the best methodologies and practices to make the AWS environment more secure.

The course incorporates the following topics:

  • Security Basics
  • Security of AWS
  • Security in AWS
  • Using AWS Security Products
  • Securing AWS Services
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Compliance
  • Incident Management & Troubleshooting

Objectives of the Course

Through this professional course, AWS experts aim to educate aspirants about:

  • AWS credentials
  • IAM policy details
  • Policy evaluation logic
  • Roles of the IAM policy in an organization
  • Real life scenarios with IAM based case studies

What is the duration of the course?

It is the 22 hours long course including lectures and training sessions.

The course is designed for:

  • Security engineers
  • Security professionals
  • Security architects

What are the prerequisites of the course?

To enroll themselves into this course students must have a proper understanding of:

Benefits of the AWS Certified Security – Specialty

After completing this IT-based course, trainers will briefly understand:

  • AWS security model
  • Design, architect and build AWS applications that are secured against security threats
  • The process to protect data behind the security shield
  • Apply security checks in an automated manner
  • Configure authentication necessary for all AWS resources and applications
  • Gain insights into the AWS structure by identifying, analyzing, monitoring and processing logs
  • Identify and reduces the possible impacts of upcoming threats against valuable data and applications
  • Perform security examination to make sure everything is secure and protected from unwanted snoopers


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