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If you want to be an Azure Cloud Architect, then ProICT Training has some Microsoft Azure certification courses for you. Their certification in Azure Architect Design helps you to become an expert in Microsoft Azure and cloud computing services. We have certified trainers to provide real-life experience here.

The Certification in Azure Architect Design teaches you key concepts related to Azure that will help to perform various tasks in Cloud Solutions. You’ll identify workload requirements, security, data, business continuity, deployment, migration and how to design infrastructure strategies. Through this certification, you can understand multiple Software as a Services (SaaS) available in existing Azure solutions. This course also teaches you how to use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to deploy web apps and resources to migrate virtual networks in Azure clouding.

The curriculum of this course covers the following topics:

  • AZ-301T01-A: Designing for Identity and Security
  • AZ-301T02-A: Designing a Data Platform Solution
  • AZ-301T03-A: Designing for Deployment, Migration, and Integration
  • AZ-301T04-A: Designing an Infrastructure Strategy


With this certification, you will be able to:

  • Manage security and identities within the context of Azure.
  • Create and design an infrastructure strategy
  • Design a data platform solution
  • Compare and contrast various database options.
  • Describe DNS and IP strategies for Vnets.
  • Identify data streaming options for large-scale data
  • Learn multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) for uniting in Azure Solution.
  • Identify long-term data storage option

Course duration 

Certification in Microsoft Azure Architect Design will take 10 hours.


Delegates willing to attend this course are expected to have:

  • Experience with operating systems, virtualization, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Hands-on experience on Azure services around computer storage, billing, security, and networking.


Through this certification, you will enhance your capabilities to:

  • Design strategies for business continuity
  • Use a load balancer to distribute network traffic across multiple loads.
  • Create and add resources to a resource group.
  • Develop a hybrid connectivity scenario between clouds and on-premises.
  • Deployment of an ARM template to resource group to commute API or Logic Apps
  • Understand performance thresholds for Storage service.
  • Identify workload requirements
  • Commute their existing solutions by using Azure AD B2B or B2C.


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  • Shirley Lewis

    Professional instructors and good classroom training. Good combo for an aspirant.

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