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AWS Certified developer – Association training and certification course give a brief of AWS SDK to students, allowing them to comprehend how it can be used to advance secure adaptable applications. The course provides an overview of the AWS concepts, practices and available troubleshooting techniques. Students who are willing to another step toward enhancing their knowledge and skills in AWS. In recent years, the AWS Certification Training Course has become must-have certificate for IT professionals who want to take their career to a new height.

Students who will pursue this course will learn about the following content:

  • Introduction to AWS
  • Beginners Guide to IAM
  • Beginners Guide to EC2
  • Beginners Guide to S3
  • Introduction to serverless computing
  • DynamoDB
  • KMS & Encryption on AWS
  • Introduction to other AWS services
  • Developer Theory
  • Advanced IAM
  • Monitoring

Objectives of the AWS training and certification

The main objective of the course is to allow students to have:

  • Fundamental understanding of the tenet concepts, trends, and practices that can be used while working with AWS
  • Hands-On experience of the AWS management console
  • Necessary knowledge about the AWS platform
  • The amazon certification

Who should pursue AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification?

  • This course is designed for individuals who want to perform a developer role in an organization
  • AWS beginners who want to gain knowledge and expertise
  • Existing developers who want to expand their skills
  • People who want to host scalable websites on AWS portals

What is the duration of the course?

The completion of the course will take around 36 hours.

What is the prerequisite of the course?

In order to be eligible for the course students must: –

  • Have a basic understanding of the AWS services
  • Professional knowledge of Java, .Net, C+ or Python programming language

The above are the additional requirements for the course however, students who lack these skills can pursue the course without any issue.

What students will learn through this course?

This introductory course all the necessary objectives needed to develop applications with Amazon Web Services. Students who pursue this course will learn the process of:

  • Developing application to run on EC2
  • Building API with API gateway
  • Storing and retrieving virtual assets from S3
  • Routing with the Route 53
  • Architecting serverless applications with AWS lambda
  • Process of sending the notification through SNS

Here are some of the most common questions asked by students who choose to pursue this course:


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