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ProICT Training offers the Google Cloud Certification Training– Architect to help candidates to clear the cloud certification exam. Curated by the industry experts- the course provides a brief overview of key topics like; GCP storage, networking, GCP computing database, and security. As the leading training platform, ProICT understands that only theoretical knowledge is not enough to crack the certification exam, hence, they also offer hands-on training to ensure aspirants can learn how to leverage their knowledge and skills in real-life situations. Upon the completion of the course, candidates can design, develop and implement the Google Cloud Platform solutions to meet the organization’s needs. What are you waiting for- reserve your limited seats today!

The course curriculum of the course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Google cloud
  • Managing GCP services
  • Google Storage services
  • GCP IAM and Security Services
  • Google Computing services
  • Containers
  • Cloud Dataflow for Data Processing
  • GCP APIs & Development Services
  • GCP DevOps Services
  • Designing & Implementing GCP Migration

Objectives of the course

The ultimate objective of ProICT Training behind offering the Google Cloud Certification Training is to help students crack the certification exam. Other things they will gain throughout the course are:

  • Understanding of Google Cloud Platform concepts and terminologies
  • Understanding of Google Cloud Platform products and services
  • Knowledge to develop, implement and deploy GCP solutions
  • Skill to manage GCP environments using Console, app and command line
  • Understanding of GCP concepts like big data and machine learning.

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the Google Cloud Platform training and certification architect is 36 hours.

Who should pursue this course?

This course was designed in the first place for the aspirants who want to take over the role of Google cloud platform- engineer. The list of target audience includes:

  • AWS Solution Architect
  • Microsoft Azure Architect
  • IT professionals
  • Those who want to start their career in the Google cloud platform

What are the prerequisites of the course?

There are no particular prerequisites to pursue this course. Anyone who has the basic knowledge about the IT services despite any prior experience can pursue this training and certification course.

What students will learn?

Throughout this detailed GCP training and certification course, candidates can gain knowledge and build skills required for the role of GCP engineer. Things they will learn are:

  • Fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform
  • Management and provision of Google cloud solutions
  • How to leverage Google cloud architecture
  • Machine learning in GCP
  • Deployment of GCP solutions


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