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Nowadays, more than 70% of peoples of the world are now hooked on smartphones and using many apps for their day-to-day activities. According to the survey, the iOS app store becomes the world’s second-largest store in the mobile market and this popularity has given a huge demand for an iOS app developer. An iOS developer needs to think out of the box and extend their creativity to design a native iOS application.

At ProICT Training, we have a course that will offer you to understand the tools and techniques to create and design an iOS App. Through this training, you will be able to work on programming languages, understand iOS architectures, detailed process of app development, understand Core Data Services (CDS), iOS testing and uploading app to App Store. Book your seat today.

This certificate course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to IOS
  • Introduction to Xcode
  • iOS Development
  • Introduction to Objective-C
  • Introduction to Swift
  • Storyboard and Layouts
  • Databases Storage​​​​​​
  • Introduction to Core data
  • Animation, Location, Maps and Social Sharing
  • Testing iOS Application using XCODE for testing and instruments
  • Testing and Deployment of the App
  • iOS Development Projects

What you will get from this course?

Throughout this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Xcode app architecture
  • Develop and Design in the iOS platform
  • Learn how to test and deploy an application
  • Learn Upload apps to the Apple App Store.
  • Get the basics of iOS programming concepts
  • Understand iCloud & Core Data Framework

What are the pre-requisites for this certification?

To get yourself enroll for this certification, Participants are expected to have:

  • Basic knowledge of Programming,
  • Familiarity with C++/JAVA

What are the objectives of this training?

  • Learn the core functionality of iOS 10.
  • How to interact with iOS 10 by using Swift 3.0 programming language.
  • Learn Layout UI elements and write interfaces
  • Access iPad and iPhone user input from touches
  • Learn how to work with Maps and Multimedia API’s.

What is the course duration for this certification?

The iOS App Development Training & certification will take 16 hours. You can opt. for classes on the weekend or weekdays, it depends on your preferences.


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