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The Certification in Docker Training is designed for those aspirants who are willing to build their career in DevOps and Platform as a Service (PaaS). At ProICT Training, we have certified and experienced trainers to provide a comfortable and friendly environment for learning.

In our certification in Docker Training, you will learn the fundamentals of Docker and the role of a container, get familiar with Docker warm Cluster, service discovery and Docker installation. Upon the course completion, you will be efficient to use Docker tools that help to improve your development and operational efficiency.

This course includes::

  • Overview of Docker
  • Image Creation and Sharing
  • Docker Ecosystem
  • Docker Installation
  • Docker Architecture and its components
  • Docker Configuration, Developing and Networking
  • Docker Networking Implementation and deploying to Cloud

What you will learn through this training?

Through our certification, you will learn:

  • How to run and manage the application in an isolated container.
  • Build, ship and run distributed applications.
  • About the process of containerization and operations.
  • Various networking mechanisms in Docker.
  • Application deployment, continuous integration, service discovery in an easier way.
  • To deploy different container-based applications on the Cloud Networks
  • How to build your own Docker Swarm Cluster.

What are the pre-requisites for this training?

To attend this training, you need basic knowledge or experience in:

  • Linux Administration
  • Cloud Networking

What are the objective of this certification?

  • Learn the fundamentals of Dockers and its usage.
  • Able to Deploy and scale applications in a cluster by using Docker Swarm
  • Can design templates to define your container
  • Understand the concept of Orchestration Services such as Docker Compose & Docker Swarm
  • Get knowledge of Docker installation and work with containers
  • Can develop software in a cross-platform environment in an easier way

What will be the duration of this certification?

This certification will take 4 hours to complete. The duration may be extended as per your mode of learning.


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