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If you are one of those who dreams to become a popular Web Developer then, ProICT Training can help you to fulfill your dream. Our certifications in JavaScript and JQuery Essential Training will teach you the core concepts of JQuery and JavaScript programming language. With this course, you can sharpen your skills in JQuery Library and a framework can build a responsive or dynamic web application as per your preferences. While JavaScript can be a little difficult to learn as compared to HTML and CSS, our instructor will provide you the knowledge that you need to develop dynamic and impressive websites or web apps. Book your seat now and get a golden opportunity to achieve your goals in your career.

This course includes::

  • Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery Essentials
  • Functions and Internal memory Management
  • Form Elements HTML5 & JS
  • Objects and Events Handling
  • Libraries and Frameworks
  • JQuery- Functions & DOM
  • JSON – JavaScript Object Notation

What will you get from this training?

After completing the course, you will be able to;

  • Validate forms created on HTML
  • Learn the basic of JQuery and can implement JavaScript language codes
  • Build and implement JQuery UI by using its themes and tools
  • Learn how to add animation, effects and plug-ins in your application
  • Understand how to debug or compile and test and application
  • Create, edit and remove HTML elements

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

To get yourself enroll for this certification, participants must have:

  • Basic knowledge of programming languages like HTML5, CSS and Java
  • Knowledge of basic JavaScript concepts

What objectives you will cover through this course?

Upon the course completion, you can:

  • Run basic JavaScript codes or programs
  • Able to use JQuery UI elements, dialog features, a date picker, and special effects
  • Understand the process of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete)
  • Understand the importance of garbage Collector in JavaScript programming
  • Work on JSON and AJAX
  • Use the variables and data types

How much time this training will take to finish?

For completion of the JavaScript and JQuery Essentials Training & Certification Course will take 14 hours. It depends, whether you opt weekdays or weekend classes.


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