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ProICT Training – one of the emerging training platforms in India offers Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design training course to give students a brief exposure to VLSI language. Designed by the team of certified trainers, this course covers the fundamental concepts like writing Verilog model, structural source code, behavioral source code and register transfer level (RTL). Through the course, trainers would not only address the concepts related to the Xilinx FPGA devices but also help to build a strong foundation for the language. To help further, ProICT combines lectures with the hands-on exercise which strengthen the grasp of the students on core concepts.

Students who will pursue this Design Pattern Certification course will cover the following topics and subtopics:

  • Introduction to Verilog
  • Number Systems
  • Logic Gates
  • Digital Design Combination:
  • Digital Design Sequential:
  • Projects

Objectives of Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design course

The primary objectives of the course are:

  • Obtain in-depth knowledge of core aspects including; Clock requirements, Clock-gating, Finite State Machines, RTL coding considerations, Power management, Clock requirements.
  • Acquire Understanding of the System Verilog coding construct
  • Build a strong foundation on industry trend based on AMBA APB and AXI4-Lite
  • Comprehend the physical design flow, generation flow, design cycle, and IP flow
  • Learn how to work with professional VLSI environment

What is the duration of Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design course?

The average time it will take to complete the course is 12 hours, including both lectures and training sessions.

Who should pursue Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design course?

This course is ideal for students who are new to the Verilog or want to enhance their knowledge and get familiar with the language to write RTL code for synthesis. Recently graduated engineers can also pursue this course to learn how to utilize Verilog for the modeling, design, and synthesis of design.

What are the prerequisites of the course?

There are some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled to become eligible for this course. The prerequisites for the course include:

  • Bachelor degree in Electronic engineering
  • Fundamental knowledge of the digital design
  • Prior experience or familiarity with Verilog RTL coding

What students will learn?

Once, the course is completed, students will be able to:

  • Write RTL Verilog code for synthesis
  • Write Verilog test fixtures
  • Optimize Xilinx FPGAs through Verilog
  • Create and configure deigns within the Xilinx Design Suite
  • Utilize the constraints file for the FGDA board


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