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CompTIA PenTest+ Certification is a mid-level certification designed to educate worldwide candidates about pentest fundamentals. In this course, you will learn management skills that are used to identify, manage, and fill the organizational weaknesses. This certification focused on the technical Cyber Security field and cover topics like; how to identify cyber threats and manage secure network architecture. With the help of this course, you will get familiar with many popular organizational tools and scripting languages. This course does not only prepare you for the exam but also develop the necessary skills for entering in IT pentesting industry. Enroll today to learn more!

Who should pursue this course?

CompTIA Pentest+ certification might be ideal for the following professionals:

  • Project manager
  • Manager
  • Cloud engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Cloud consultant
  • Technical architect

The CompTIA Pentest+ certification covers the following topics:

  • Planning and Scoping
  • Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification
  • Attacks and Exploits
  • Penetration Testing Tools
  • Reporting and Communication

Benefits to take CompTIA PenTest+ certification

There are several benefits to take CompTIA pentest+ certification, and some of them are given below:

  • Understand the penetration testing methodology
  • Learn how to conduct information collection
  • Understand to prepare a report and communicate your decisions
  • Accomplish networks and systems during a pentest
  • Understand the plan of a penetration test.

Objective of CompTIA PenTest+ certification

The CompTIA PenTest+ course consists of some objectives which are given below:

  • Understanding the target audience
  • Rules of engagement
  • Communication escalation paths
  • Resources and requirements
  • Impact analysis and remediation timelines
  • Technical constraints
  • Support resources such as WSDL/WADL, SOAP project file, and SDK documentation.


There are some requirements that candidate should fulfill to pursue this course:

  • Basic understanding of network and network security
  • Understand the concepts covered by the network+ and Security+ exams.

What is the duration period for this course?

CompTIA pentest+ is a short time 15 hours course that will teach you about the basic types of pentests that are performed to evaluate security of the systems.


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