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The risk and information system control certification is a short term course that define objective about risk management and methodology. This Cyber Security certification course is for those professionals who are willing to build their knowledge in IT risk management and the information system control. The CRISC certification is the highly demanded certification for professionals, who are working in the field of risk and information system control. This course will develop your skills to design, implement and maintain IS control for the organization. It covers all the topics such as risk identification, controls monitory and business assessments. In short, it is the course that can update your knowledge and skills necessary to grab the highest paying jobs in the industry.

Who should take the risk and information systems control certification?

CRISC certification is a worldwide certification for professionals, who are working in the field of risk and information system control. This certification is suitable for:

  • CEOs/CFOs
  • Chief audit executives
  • Audit partners
  • CIOs/CISOs
  • Chief risk officers
  • Security managers/directors/consultants
  • IT directors
  • Audit directors

Course outline

  • Risk Identification Assessment and Evaluation
  • Risk Response
  • Risk Monitoring
  • IS Control Design and Implementation
  • IS Control Monitoring and Maintenance

Benefits to take Risk and Information Systems Control certification- Answer is missing on the website

There are several benefits of completing the CRISC course certification including:

  • Long term symbol of knowledge and proficiency as a risk professional
  • Help you to increase your value in your organization as you manage IT risk
  • Allows you to understand business risk
  • Superior risk evaluation skills which can be applied to their particular organization
  • Ability to better communicate complex risk topics to a diverse stakeholder group
  • Assurance of their organization’s risk management and control plans
  • Fostering of common and consistent terminology and language in relation to information systems and controls.

What are the objectives?

The CRICS course consists of some objective which are given below:

  • Develop a working knowledge of the 4 domains areas of CRISC
  • Identify and manage IT risk, how it affects the overall organization.
  • Design, implement and maintain effective control of the organization.
  • Conformity of regular requirements.


The course has some requirements that need to be fulfilled:

  • Candidate must have 3 years of work experience managing information technology risk by designing and implementing security control.
  • Candidate must have work experience with at least 2 of the 4 domains.

Course duration

  • The risk and information systems control certification is 30 hours certification course.


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