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The Development team is not just a group of programmers and software developers, but a professional mix of software designers, architects, business analysts, documentation experts, and software testers. In past few years Scrum developer certification course has gained utmost popularity as more and more professionals and organizations have started to realize its benefits.

Scrum Developer certification provides you a good understanding and command over Scrum and Agile principles. A scrum developer’s work includes developing the coding, software development and designing.  The scrum developer certification gives you and your organization an opportunity to improve and polish development skills for the long –term success. In order to become certified scrum developer a candidate needs to go through the formal training course offered by ProICT Training. The course covers a complete study about scrum principles which will helps you to develop skills that will be beneficial to grow your knowledge and expertise.

  • Using Scrum
  • Working within a Scrum Team
  • Definition of Done
  • Development Practices
  • Agile architecture practices to slice features
  • Test Driven Development
  • Pairing
  • Code Review
  • Agile requirement management practices
  • Using DevOps tools with Scrum

Objectives of Scrum Developer Certification

  • Understand how modern Agile Engineering practices and supportive DevOps tools improve a team’s capability to deliver working software
  • Learn the different aspects of a Scrum Team and how to work together as a team to get the work done.
  • Gain knowledge of how to leverage modern software development tools and practices.

Benefits of Scrum Developer Certification

  • It is an opportunity to join the Global Community of Scrum experts.
  • Scrum Developer Certification highlights your capabilities to improve Project’s Quality
  • This certification helps you make your organization Scrum and Agile Oriented.
  • Scrum certification provides need for oriented insights to make every project successful.
  • Being a certified Scrum developer helps you stay relevant and marketable.
  • Scrum Developer Certification helps you perform better with a Team.
  • Get a strong base of Scrum information
  • Change your attitude
  • Remain significant and attractive
  • Scrum accreditation benefits your association
  • Impact your association to receive an Agile technique
  • Work better close by your companions

Responsibilities of a Scrum Developer

  • Estimate the effort required in completing their tasks.
  • Achieve the goals defined for each sprint.
  • Learn to write user stories for product features and divide them into smaller tasks.
  • Collaborate effectively with other Development team members.
  • Being an efficient team player, self-motivation, self-organization, analytical, and good collaboration skills.

What is the prerequisites of the course?

There is no particular criteria to pursue Scrum Certification Course course, and anyone who is willing to learn can enrol in this course.

Duration of the course?

The Scrum developer certification is a 20 hours course.


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