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Nowadays, Continuous Integration with Jenkins Training & Certification has gained popularity among professionals who works in cloud computing and DevOps concepts. This training may help IT professionals like System Admins, Software Testers, Solution Architects and Security Engineers to get a better hike. Through our Continuous Integration with Jenkins course, you can learn how to write Jenkins pipeline script, or incorporate continuous integration with Jenkins into your DevOps practice. If you are also aspiring to grasp these career rising skill then, enroll yourself as early as you can.

This course includes::

  • Continuous Integration
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Plugins and its uses
  • Setting Up Your Build Jobs and Security
  • Implementing Automated Testing
  • Metrics to Improve Quality
  • Distributed Jenkins Configuration
  • Maintain and Use Jenkins
  • Performing Automated Deployment and Continuous Delivery
  • Jenkins Pipeline concepts

What you will learn through this training?

Through our certification, you will learn:

  • Components and Plugins used in Jenkins
  • Setup to build pipelines by using Jenkins
  • Continuous Integration and delivery concepts
  • To perform Backups/Restores through Administer Jenkins
  • How to build and deploy basic apps to Tomcat7 containers

What are the pre-requisites for this training?

To attend this training, you need basic knowledge or experience in:

What are the objective of this certification?

By the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Understand various types of testing like Unit testing, Integration testing, etc.
  • Use Jenkins Integration by using its tools GIT, SVN etc.
  • Build GUI tools for easy updates with less maintenance.
  • Improve collaboration and coordination between developers, sysadmins, and testers.
  • Improve deployment rates, defect detection, and feature delivery.

What will be the duration of this certification?

This certification will take 36 hours to complete. The duration may be extended as per your mode of learning.


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