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Linux fundamental training certification is designed to understand the fundamental tools and concepts of Linux and UNIX. This course will teach you about the Linux structure. Linux certification includes networking, scripting and software development. The course revolves around Linux Kernel, Linux administration, and Linux programming. You will also learn Linux graphical knowledge and command line perspective. In this course, you will work on through all the basic Linux fundamentals and command line structure such as installing Linux, centOS7, and VM through SSH.

Who should pursue this course?

The course can be taken by anyone who wants to learn the basics and fundamentals of effective Linux operating systems.

Linux fundamental certification course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Initialization of Linux
  • User Administration
  • Boot and Package Management
  • Networking
  • Linux Overview and Scripting
  • Linux for software development
  • Security Administration, Shell Script and Virtualization

What students will learn?

Upon the completion of this course, an individual will able to:

  • File system management
  • Manage system service
  • Understand programming tools for Linux
  • Set kernel parameters
  • User management
  • Install Linux
  • Create a network setup and configure it
  • Archiving and compression


There is no certain requirement for this course. Apart from this if you have basic knowledge of operating systems that would be beneficial for learning the fundamentals of Linux.

What is the duration period for this course?

Linux fundamental training certification course is 7 hours course that will introduce you to the basic Linux operating fundamentals.


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