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The CompTIA Server+ certification is a short term certification that covers all the skills of 6 key IT domains such as system hardware, software, storage, IT environment, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting. This CompTIA certification helps IT, professionals, to enhance their knowledge in server technology and troubleshooting. Through this course, students can learn to compare and mitigate the risk of cyber breaches. It is the IT industry certification that covers the latest server technologies such as security, network-attached software, and concepts. .

Who should pursue this course?

It can be an ideal certification for anyone who stands in the IT fields including:

  • Help desk technician
  • Network administrator
  • IT security specialist

The CompTIA Server+ certification covers the following topics:

  • Managing server hardware
  • Installing a server
  • Configuring networking
  • Creating a virtual environment
  • Performing basic server configuration
  • Administrating server
  • Implementing a storage solution
  • Securing the server
  • Planning and testing a disaster recovery
  • Troubleshooting server issues

What you will learn?

With the help of this course you are going to learn:

  • How to operate a virtualization platform
  • How to install and configure operating systems
  • How to perform a maintenance task
  • How to manage servers both locally and remotely
  • Server hardware component

Objectives of CompTIA Server+ certification

The CompTIA server+ certification have some objectives which are given below:

  • Develop a virtual server environment
  • Configure RAID
  • Storage capacity consideration
  • Differences and similarity of physical security methods and concepts
  • Network security systems and protocols
  • Identify logical and physical networks
  • Troubleshoot hardware, software, network and security issues


There are some requirements, a candidate must aware of:

  • 2 years of experience with installation, configuring and troubleshooting of PC hardware and networking operating issues.
  • Candidate has the CompTIA A+ certification.

What is the duration for the CompTIA Server+ certification?

The CompTIA Server+ course is 32 hours long certification course that develops your professional experience with computer hardware support. This certification provides you the primary knowledge that helps you to be successful.


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