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The CompTIA A+ certification is a course that determines the proficiency with computer hardware and operating systems. In this course, students will learn the concepts of installing, configuring and repairing PCs. The CompTIA course includes the topic such as computer architecture, memory, modems, printer, hard disk setup, and operating system optimization. The A+ certification is a worldwide recognized certification and might be the most required certification among technical companies. Hence, pursuing this certification at ProICT Training will certainly open new doors of opportunities for candidates.

Who should pursue this course?

It can be an ideal certification for anyone who stands in the IT field including:

  • Support specialist
  • Field service technician
  • Desktop support analyst
  • Help desk tier 2 support

The CompTIA A+ certification covers the following topics:

  • Path of the PC Tech
  • The Visible Computer
  • Microprocessors
  • RAM
  • BIOS
  • Motherboards
  • Power Supplies
  • Hard Drive Technologies
  • Implementing Hard Drives
  • Essential Peripherals
  • Building a PC
  • Display Technologies
  • Essentials of Networking
  • Local Area Networking
  • Wireless Networking
  • The Internet
  • Portable Computing
  • Understanding Mobile Devices
  • Printers and Multifunction Devices

Domains of this course

There are following domains for the CompTIA A+ course:

  • Hardware
  • Networking
  • Mobile device
  • Hardware and networking troubleshooting

The CompTIA A+ course consists of some objectives which are given below:

  • Assemble components based on customer requirements
  • Maintain devices, PCs, and software for users
  • Understand the basics of networking and security
  • Properly and safely resolve common hardware and software issues
  • Apply troubleshooting skills
  • Provide appropriate customer support
  • Understand the basics of virtualization, desktop imaging, and deployment


There are no formal requirements to take this course. Furthermore, basic familiarity with PCs and networks will be an additional advantage.

What is the duration for CompTIA A+ certification?

The CompTIA A+ course is 18 hours short term certification in which students will get a brief introduction of the IT equipment, tools and techniques. This course is the first step to enter in IT industry.


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