E-Learning Training s is a simple process of online learning of IT Training, where you can learn online with the help of a teacher or Instructor. ProICT Training provides a unique experience to the trainee with the help of Learning Management System LMS. It saves your money and time both, you can learn when you have time for studies. E-Learning is the best option of learning for those who can’t go to coaching centers and classrooms because of their busy schedules. Hence, the old classroom learning process is a little bit expensive than e-learning, it takes more time and the results can differ also. The importance of e-learning is now a given truth and it may provide an alternative this is much faster, cheaper and potentially better.

Benefits of E-Learning Training

  • In the e-learning process, there are no boundaries, no restrictions for you.
  • You are able to link the various resources in several varying formats.
  • Due to its convenience and flexibility, the resources are available from anywhere and at any time.
  • Everyone professional working full time, can take advantage without compromising on their regular routine.
  • Web-based learning promotes active and independent learning for the relevant Certification Courses and Training.
  • As you have access to the net 24×7, you can train yourself anytime and anywhere.
  • Not only can you train yourself on a day to day basis, but also on weekends or whenever you have the free time to. There is no hard and fast rule.
  • Through discussion boards and chats, you are able to interact with everyone online and also clear your doubts if any.
  • The video instructions that are provided for audio and video learning can be rewound and seen and heard again and again if you do not happen to understand the topic first time around.